George Diaz


Bomb Lux Vape – 2800 Puffs

A lux vape is a device that features a large 2.7ml juice capacity and a 500mAh internal battery. It is able to provide 1000 puffs per charge and offers a full spectrum of flavor and a high concentration of nicotine. The lux…


Fume Infinity Flavors Mini Disposable Vape Pods

Whether you’re looking for a new vape juice or want to try a new flavor, there’s a fume infinity flavor that’s right for you. There are a few different infinity flavors to choose from, including strawberry water melon, Double Apple,…


The Flum Float Vape Review

The Flum Vape Brand offers new products for vaping. They are designed to satisfy customer needs and provide an advanced vaping experience. They feature an innovative cylinder design, multiple flavor combinations, and an excellent throat hit. The Flum Float vape…