Commercial Locksmiths Services Near Your Area

Regardless of the size of your business, you can rely on Commercial Locksmith’s Services to protect your property. Their security services include lock installation, repairs and replacements.

Often, businesses need a safe to store cash, important documents and equipment. These secure boxes are installed by commercial locksmiths to ensure that all contents remain safe.

Master key systems

Master key systems are a great way to control access within your property. They reduce the number of keys in circulation while ensuring efficient access for security, maintenance, and cleaning staff.

A master key system works by designating individual keys to open a number of pre-defined doors. These can operate different types of locks, such as door locks, cabinet locks, and padlocks.

This is useful for commercial and residential properties where a large number of tenants or visitors are allowed into an area. This also saves time and money by reducing the amount of lock rekeying needed when an employee is no longer employed or when a tenant moves out.

A master key system is a finely planned and custom-made solution that accounts for changes in a business. It is especially beneficial for businesses with multiple locations, as it will easily account for new employees and any major changes in the structure of a business.

Lock rekeying

Lock rekeying is a service that can be used by Commercial Locksmith’s Services to help keep businesses secure. The service is most often needed for businesses that have had employees leave with the master key or when keys have been lost, stolen, or tampered with.

A professional locksmith can rekey locks quickly and efficiently, using tools like a catch tool, key decoder, and spanner. This service can be a great security boost and will prevent any future issues from arising.

Residential clients often prefer to rekey their locks because it allows them to have a single key that works on all their door locks. It can also lighten the amount of keys that a homeowner has on their key ring, reducing clutter and time spent searching for the right one.

In addition to rekeying, commercial locksmiths may also offer master rekeying services for businesses. This is a good choice for clients who want to have one key that works on all of their locks, and it can also be used for businesses that want to set up a master key system for easier access for managers.

Panic bars

Panic bars are a great way to ensure that everyone can safely exit your building in an emergency. They are simple, low-cost devices that can help save lives and prevent injuries.

Commercial locksmiths frequently install panic bars in buildings that require them by code. These include schools, hospitals, and businesses with a large occupant load.

These locks allow people to push a bar across an exterior door to unlock it and quickly exit the building. They also make it easier for rescuers to get inside in the event of a fire or other emergency.

These locks are required by many states and local jurisdictions. They are also essential for fire safety, so you should make sure to install them properly and follow all the necessary guidelines.

Magnetic locks

Magnetic locks are a great security solution for many commercial buildings. They can withstand pressure and resist pick attacks while being very easy to install.

These types of locks are also very popular for school, residential and other public facilities as they offer a much more secure locking option than traditional keyed systems. They can be activated by a card, fob or code and are incredibly effective for keeping your business safe.

Electromagnetic locks work with an electric current that causes the metal to become magnetized and a strong force of attraction forms between the electromagnet and the armature plate which keeps doors closed.

These locks can be used for both interior and exterior doors. They are very durable and can withstand pressure from a battering ram, making them one of the best security options for a variety of properties.